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                                                                          nada 2020 is nada’s leading, independent, progressive think-tank. Founded in 2006, nada 2020 has spent more than a dede hosting events, producing original research and starting conversations about nada’s future. Our goal is to build a community of progressive ideas and people that will move and shape governments.

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                                                                          Mark rney to Chair new nada 2020 Advisory Board

                                                                          OTTAWA – nada 2020 has announced today that Mark rney, United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Change and Finance, and former Governor of the Bank of nada and the Bank of England, will serve as Chair of nada 2020’s new Advisory Board – to be focused on ambitious progressive public policy solutions as nada looks […]

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                                                                          nada 2020 welcomes Braeden ley as new Executive Director

                                                                          As we start spring and look forward to hopefully seeing much more of each other in the months ahead, it’s also a time of important new beginnings at nada 2020. nada 2020 has announced today that Braeden ley has been appointed as nada 2020’s new Executive Director, and will formally join our team in early […]

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                                                                          nada 2020 Post-COP26 Discussion Series

                                                                          In November 2021, world leaders me together in Glasgow for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties. With the existential threat that climate change poses to communities across the globe, it’s never been more urgent to work toward goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.  In the […]

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                                                                          No Second Chances: New Zealand

                                                                          This week on No Second Chances, we’re taking a look at a country led by one of the most well-known, and respected, female leaders out there. Welcome to New Zealand. Host Kate Graham explores lush landspes and progressive politics with Amerin-born New Zealand politician Julie Anne Genter, and High Commissioner to Australia, Dame Annette King, […]

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                                                                          nada 2020
                                                                          35 O'Connor Street
                                                                          Suite 302, Ottawa, ON
                                                                          nada, K1P 5M4

                                                                          Our People

                                                                          • Anna Gainey
                                                                            Executive Chair

                                                                          • Andy Harrison
                                                                            Board Member

                                                                          • Braeden ley
                                                                            Executive Director

                                                                          • Aisha Jarrah
                                                                            Content Strategist

                                                                          • Mark Michener
                                                                            Director, Finance

                                                                          • Matthew Mendelsohn
                                                                            Senior Fellow

                                                                          • Kate Graham
                                                                            Senior Fellow

                                                                          • Jennifer Welsh
                                                                            Board Member

                                                                          • rolyn Smith
                                                                            Manager, Operations & Events

                                                                          • Matt Browne
                                                                            Board Member

                                                                          • Thomas Pitfield
                                                                            Board Member

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